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Have you been injured in a Slip & Fall?

Slip & Falls can happen in a variety of different places and can be caused by many different factors as well. Unsafe conditions anywhere can lead to serious injuries for the person falling because unlike riding in a vehicle, there are no safety features to protect you from hitting the ground when you slip. We handle and have experience with slip & fall cases that occur in department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, apartment complexes, sidewalks, those caused by snow & ice, and even ones that occur at work. If you've been injured in a slip & fall accident, call us today so we can start working on your case!

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Regardless of the type of store you are in, the owner has a responsibility to make sure that the ground/floor is clean, clear, and safe for the public. Having liquids, spills, objects, or even defects in the floor can cause serious injury to those walking in the store. If you've been injured in a Slip & Fall at a store, make sure to notify the manager and have them fill out an incident report if available. Furthermore, call our office as soon as possible because time is critical in gathering important evidence to support your claim.  



If you are at a store, aprtment building, restaurant, or any other place of business, the owner has a responsibilty to make sure that all snow and ice is cleared from walkways both outside and inside. Ice can be devastating to someone who walks on it because it is often times unseen before its too late. Furthermore, snow can be dragged inside the doorway from foot traffic, and if left untreated can present a dangerous situation. As with all Slip & Falls, don't hesitate to call us if you've been injured as a result of slipping on snow and ice because time is critical in gathering evidence to support your claim.

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