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Thomas E. Sparks Workers Compensation RI Lawyer


Have you been injured at Work?

Getting injured on the job can have a compounding negative effect on your life because not only are you feeling the pain of your injury, but you are also feeling the financial burden of not receiving income from your job. Being unable to provide for you and your loved ones can be difficult and stressful. If you need help with or are even having difficulty receiving benefits from a workers' compensation claim, call us today, we can help you!



  •       Construction Jobs

  •       Warehouse/Factory Workers

  •       CNA Positions

  •       Healthcare Workers

  •       Work Related Slip & Falls

  •       Work Related Auto Accidents

  •       Workplace Illnesses

  •       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    •  Issues with the Insurance Company


Thomas E. Sparks Workers Compensation Attorney RI
Thomas E. Sparks Law Accident Attorney Rhode Island
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